Tailcoat “Trendy”Elegant

June 15, 2016 7:52 am Published by Comments Off

TailcoatTailcoat Navy-Orange Tailcoat Navy-Orange

Created in fashionable colour compositions and elegant solutions in details. Though trendy, it gives the impression of a professional rider.


Boss Material=”normal material”: Polyesther-viscose-elasthan

Technical=”soft shell”: Polyesther-Spandex

Size: 30-46

Colors: Boss Black, Boss Brown, Boss Grey, Boss Navy, Boss Red, Technical Black,Technical Navy

The following piping colors are available: Aqua, Black, Gold, Lilac, Middle blue, Navy, Orange, Pink, Red, Rose, Silver, Turquoise, White

For the pins ond collar you can choose: The same material as the jacket or: Velvet Beige, Velvet Black, Velvet Gray, Velvet Navy, Beige, Grey,Pink, Lilac, Red, White

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