Tailcoat Natasha

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Natasha TailcoatNatasha TailcoatNatasha tailcoat Natasha tailcoat

A special design tailcoat. This tailcoat is inspired by a design made for Natasha Baker a British para-equestrian who won two gold medals at the 2012 Summer Paralympics.


Boss Material=”normal material”: Polyesther-viscose-elasthan

Technical=”soft shell”: Polyesther-Spandex

Size: 30-46

Children: 134-158

Colour:Boss Black, Boss Navy, Boss Brown, Boss Grey, Boss Red, Technical Navy, Technical Black

The following piping combinations are available: White, Gold, Silver, Turquoise, Aqua, Middle Blue, Rose, Pink, Lilac, Navy, Red, Orange, Black

The pins,collar and cuffs are always the same collar.

For the pins, collar and cuffs you can choose: The same material as the jacket, Beige, Grey,Pink, Red, Lilac

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